FRW Landscape Maintenance

Lawn and Landscape Services

  • leaf Shrubbery Pruning - Different levels to choose from according to needs.
    - Early Spring Pruning to dramatically reduce the size of large overgrown shrubbery to a size easier to maintain.
    Also for `Winter Damaged` Shrubbery with bent and broken branches that need restorative pruning to return to proper form.
    Done in April/early May.
    - leafRegular Spring Pruning removes growth from last Fall to start the new growing season. Done in May
    - Seasonal Maintenances can be done monthly (for a steady consistent image); or 3 times during the season (May, July, October).
    - Customized is done as often or irregular as desired.
  • Fertilize and Lime Lawns.
    - Spread custom-blended formulation of fertilizer that thickens the lawn without producing excessive growth (so you don't have to cut the lawn 2-3 times a week).
    - 4 levels to choose from.
  • Shrubbery Fertilizing.- Applications 1 or 2 times per season, typically.
  • Lawn Weeds.
    - Liquid sprayed on lawn to control weeds. 2 levels to chose from.
  • Crab Grass Control.
    - Granular spread in May, lawn sprayed in August. 2 levels to choose from.
  • Insect Larvae Control.- To control Japanese Beetles + Asian Lady Beetles +Tent caterpillars. Granular application to lawn in May.
  • Lawn Core Aeration.- Improve soil aeration, reduce compaction, reduce thatch, increase filtration.
    - Soil needs to be moist (after a rain).
  • Mole Control.- Utilize the newest most effective bait that mimmicks a moles favorite food, earthworms, in shape, smell and taste.
  • Landscape and Perennial Bed Maintenance.- Adding new gravel and wood mulch, freshening existing beds, planting trees, shrubs & perennials.
    - Cut down dead trees & shrubbery, grind or dig out stumps.
  • Mulch Delivery and Spreading. - Gravel.
    - Wood: Bark mulch, Brown mulch, Red mulch.
    - DYE SPRAY: Existing wood mulch sprayed with dye to re-color it.Saves 50% over the cost of installing new mulch.
  • General Landscaping.- Planting trees & shrubs, annuals & perennials.
    - Replace dead plants in the landscape.
    - Install and repair landscape edging.
    - A variety of landscaping repairs and additions, just ask.
  • Winter Evergreen Protection from Deer Browsing.- Evergreen trees and shrubbery (primarily Arbovitae, Yew, Juniper & Fir species) are sprayed in late October/early November to protect them.
    - Protection lasts until April (6 months). Not affected by rain or snow.

Other Services provided

  • 4 Contractors that we have worked with and trust.
    - Bobcat work, Trucking, Backhoe services.
    - Lawn Irrigation installation and maintenance.
    - Stump Grinding.
    - Arborist.
  • 1st meeting consultation is always free.

1st step

When you contact us, we will arrange to meet and discuss your needs. An onsite inspection is conducted and from that will come any written proposals needed.

Please call 608-254-4087 or email us to set up an appointment.
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